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The Scleroderma Association of NSW Inc. is a charitable organisation whose aim is to increase support and awareness for those  afflicted with Scleroderma in the NSW Community. Please click on ABOUT in the menu bar for more information on this chronic illness,

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Upcoming Events


Saturday 26th March 2022

 Location: Club York Sydney 


Entry Fee: $45 

Sydney Support Groups Every Month 

We at The Scleroderma Association of NSW Inc. are always looking at funding research. We are currently funding research at St Vincent's Hospital with Dr John Moore & Dr Ross Penglase.

Stephanie Frade an Exercise Physiologist is also currently being funded to research exercises that are safe for people with Scleroderma. Exercise is very important for people with Sclerodema as it helps keep us moving, mobile & independant for as long as possible.

The Sclerodema Association of NSW Inc. are greatful for all donations. 


The causes of Scleroderma are unknown. Scientists and medical investigators work to understand the condition. We support a coordinated approach to research into the cause and treatment of scleroderma. We do this through our research program funded by member states, corporate and individual sponsors. You can find a list of ASIG’s most notable publications between 2008-2020 here.

One of the most rewarding outcomes of ASIG’s activities has been the improvement in the quality of care ASIG centres can deliver for people living with Scleroderma. Most centres have expanded the services they offer to include specialist nurses and have become centres of excellence. This growth in patient numbers and experience has led to a number of centres being invited to participate in industry-funded clinical trials, allowing patients to have access to new therapies for the first time in many years.

Follow this link for 'Our Centres' https://asigresearch.com.au/our-centres/

Scleroderma and NDIS


Finding it difficult to negotiate the NDIS?

CLICK HERE to read an article by accessibleaction.com
regarding this process.

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The Scleroderma Association of NSW Inc. is  in no way affiliated with the organisation, Accessible Action. The information provided in this link is for your information only. The Scleroderma Association of NSW Inc. accepts no responsibility for the correctness of this information.

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